Sep 15, 2008 - College / Updates    3 Comments

The First

LIFE! Savannah has it. I am so very excited to be down here and with Internet. (Finally.) You’d think a fancy art school would be able to keep up with college-wide web access. And plenty of other things… but I don’t feel like complaining. I’m happy to be here.

Today was my first day of class:

11 AM – 1:30 Art History

5 PM – 7:30 Drawing II

I ate all my meals. Plus ice cream. Soooo much less stress than moving in. Everything is manageable. Looks it, anyway. The buses, the professors, the “exams.” Sure, I won’t be saying that later when I have actual projects to be working on. Those two plus my 2D Design class tomorrow are going to KILL me. Reading + labor = death. But. That is not my concern right now. And I would like to actually say something with this blog entry.

My main concern is me, and it is two-fold.

1) Peoples. I want peoples. It is only the first day, but I want friends.  They’re out there somewhere – the passionate, mature ones. I just have to find them.

2) Confidence. Being at the country’s top art school is kinda nerve-wracking. I am rather competitive in nature, and while I recognize that there will always be those who are wickedly talented and those who are still growing… all the prodigies are here. In my classes. And I find myself feeling the same knawing sense of inadequacy that I felt at Rising Star last summer. All before I’ve seen a single person draw. (But I know what’s coming.) My sketchbooks are skimpy and my hands… well, the magic is just a dusting.

But. I am so thrilled to be here. Our room, still a complete disaster, is cozy and colorful and lit with natural lighting when possible. Two great friends as neighbors and one in the same room as me.

I feel myself connecting more with the smiling sandwich line ladies and the upperclassman-SCAD-encyclopedia-man than the hordes of pretty artsy peoples.

I am a small person. I find my way into things through the crevices, through the windows. Not the doors. It will happen. I just need to keep breathing, to remember to eat, and to remember that I am here for a much bigger purpose. And it’s going to be amazing.