Sep 22, 2008 - College / Updates    5 Comments

Hot & Cold, New & Old

The hot and cold knobs in my shower are hard to operate. I have just now mastered them. The lamps in our room make everything feel cozy and warm… even when the air conditioner battles for dominance. Getting dressed for Savannah is difficult. This morning I put on jeans and a fuzzy green shirt because it is very cold when I first wake up. By the time I found a seat on the bus, squished between two friends and surrounded by strangers, things were rather hot. I swapped the jeans for shorts after lunch. Then, in Drawing II, after sitting for two and a half hours with my mind numbed to everything but Radiohead, the giant* piece of Stonehenge paper before me, the tip of my HB pencil, and the conglomeration of leaves pinned to the wall, I was freezing again. Trying to keep my balance while standing on the bus (with the AC blasting directly onto my already goosebumped arms), there was no question in my mind. As soon as I made it back to the room, I dove for my pants. Whenever I have a sweater I do not need it. When I forget one, I need one. This is the way the world works. Very similar to lateness + traffic or elevators. Especially when an elevator is the only means of vertical transportation in a building. (Bergen, the photography building, is one example.)

I am happy here. If temperature is my biggest problem, I think I’ll do just fine.

Just some pictures of the coziness :)

* 22 x 30 is NOT a small size. I was so silly. When I went to the store with these dimensions in mind, I was thinking, “Oh yay, I finally get to work a little smaller.” When I found the shelf with the correct label, you can imagine my reaction. Please: grab a tape measure. I promise it will be bigger than you think it is. (The only explanation I have for this bad thought process is this: for some reason, I think 30 was registering as 13. Ha – big difference.)