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Dec 1, 2011 - College / Updates    1 Comment

A sneak peek!

Well hello! Oh man, I’ve been itching to blog so bad! I have so many things to share, I don’t know what to write about first! So many ideas. So check back often! There will be more to come.

My Thanksgiving was great. It’s been even more of a treasure to be home for the holidays since I’ve been at college. My brother and I attend schools in two states other than the one we live in! So family time with everyone reunited under one roof is really special. Here are some shots from my time at home so far.

We took some awesome family photos. Had a lot of fun too, if you can’t tell. Took them the old fashioned way (without my remote). Lots of ups and downs for me to restart the timer. Still totally worth it.

One of the first things we did as a family was rake the entire yard. It’s been a long time since I did that much raking. It took all four of us several hours to get the front yard done. So many leaves! Very exhausting, yet rewarding. We copied our neighbor’s genius method of raking a huge pile onto an 8×10 foot tarp and then dragging the batch to the curb. Still took hours!

Mason practiced a lot of piano while he was home in preparation for an exam. He’s got some mad chops these days. Total beast. I thought he was a talented musician before he went to college… now I can’t believe how much better he’s gotten and how much more knowledge he has!

I made a pretty sweet apple pie to along with the glorious feast Mom prepared. I always like to poke a pretty pattern for venting instead of random fork holes.

And we had a lot of fun playing some of our favorite games as a family. More to come on one of our all-time favorites so you can learn how to play too!

Also, here is a sneak peek into the ideas for future blog posts that I’ve had rattling around in my head lately. Just tiny little thumbnails to spark your interest as for what’s to come! I promise, they will come to be. They’re about to make my brain explode.

I will leave you with that for now. I need to refocus my attention on career stuff for the remainder of this week. Thanks for staying tuned, more great things to come from your favorite crazy, quirky, creative person.