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Oct 24, 2010 - College / Updates, God    2 Comments

October’s Dancing

Well, folks, it’s been a while. Sorry bout that. If you’ve been checking back even somewhat regularly, I apologize for not having anything for you. Thanks for stopping by! This first quarter of my junior year at SCAD has been unbelievably busy. Lots to share, lots to catch up on. A few changes for an overview (there is far too much to share!):

1. As of September I am a graphic design major with a photo minor. (Expect an overhaul of this blog design soon!) Lots of processing still going on there. But I feel solid about it.

2. I’m overcommitted. I love all the things I’m involved in, but it all adds up time-wise. A taste: I’m a student ambassador, vice president of Bookbinding club, on leadership with Christian Student Fellowship (CSF) as the graphic design coordinator person, and I’m co-leading a Bible study/small group with my friend Caitlin Betsy Bell, who happens to be trying to convert me to be a Fibers major. We’ll see!

And somehow with all this going on, on top of homework for my new graphic design classes, I have peace. God is at work here, changing the way I do things. I wake up to sunrises like this.

I flew out to Louisville, Kentucky last weekend to photograph a wedding. (Expect more images from that weekend!)

Definitely a wonderful experience – building my portfolio, catching up with my friend Nikki, and enjoying the stunningly gorgeous day Samantha & Allen had picked for their October wedding. Also fell in love with Bluegrass. Just sayin.

Last night I had the privilege of attending my first Barbershop performance. For those of you who don’t know what Barbershop is, think the good ‘ole men in red blazers at county fairs singing in quartets (if you’ve seen Charlotte’s Web). Well, lots of people still do that! And they’re not all old! I went to see my friend Nathan Daniel and his Barbershop friends.

What a treat it was! I felt like I stepped into another world.

They made the whole night into an “on the radio” theme – complete with a radio announcer, a FDR Fireside-chat-era radio, illuminated “Applause” and “On the Air” signs.

So nice that they had me completely and totally fooled. It was in fact not being aired on the radio, to my disappointment. But it was still a wonderful night of good ‘ole camaraderie, amazing harmonizing, and upbeat, old-school love tunes. Very enjoyable.

So that’s some recent stuff with me. And some images. But today my heart is just singing! The Lord is so good! Sure, I’m confused about where I’m headed what with school, post-graduation stuff and jobs, wanting to seek Him before any of that and truly know my Father. He has been so gracious with me. He has given me a new song to sing, and I will sing it for the rest of my life. What’s the tune? A song about the depth of His love for me. The heart He’s given me – for His son. Praise for His goodness, for not abandoning me even though I couldn’t keep His commands, even though I turned my back so hard on Him. For giving me a solid foundation to grow up into. For holding onto me, even when I thought I was outrunning Him in my rebellion. All I have I owe to Him. I am completely for Him. And excited to see where he leads. We are dancing. My heart is tender, my palms are open, ready to follow His steps as He guides. Do you know how great our God is? He’s the Lord of the dance. And He’s extending His hand to you. Won’t you take His invitation? It’s the best decision you will ever make. And I don’t know a thing about dancing. But my Father does. That’s the beauty of it. He gives us all we need – His son: our savior!, a new heart, His precious Spirit to change us from the inside! – and we follow. He leads. Even when I’m so sure I know where my steps are going. His footprints are on the floor, before me. What a glorious thing!

P.S. I touched a hummingbird’s wing last night. The most magical thing.