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Jesus Puddles

The rain has started pouring for the second time today. Once when I left for church this morning. Once (now) as I am about to leave for my first serving time tonight. I am so excited – I’m gonna go hang out with the homeless and serve them dinner tonight with some people from church. And my new friend Jerrod is coming with me.

So. The past week’s highlights, as told through pictures.

1. My neighbor requested my help for removing the insanely huge beetle that flew into her room. The situation was entirely too funny with two girls screeching and squirming – I ended up photographing the whole thing.

The tactics: umbrella & hairspray. Hul-larious.

2. My room! I have finally finished arranging all the pictures I brought with me. (I would have photographed my other walls, but they contain artwork I’ve done for classes here – and you know those are secret :)

I love all of you guys, and if you find that you are not on the wall, it’s probably only because I have yet to get a good picture of you ;) – and that could be the fault of either of us. But most likely me.

3. Bookmaking Club: is now officially dubbed Bindasaurus Rex. Thanks to the genius of my friend Melissa. Who now has the coolest haircut ever. Which makes her pretty infinitely awesome, considering her other attributes. But. This is the book I have completed most recently. (I promised you pictures.) The paper is from the Tea in a Tub post. I still have to finish my Coptic Stitch book – it is a little more complex.

I made the whole thing.

4. Puddles. As I have told you, it has been raining here quite frequently. Well, a few days ago I came home a different way and discovered this gargantuan (yards-long) puddle. I walked straight through it. And the friends I was with dubbed me Jesus. (Get it?) And that inspired a photoshoot. This is David. He lives down the hall from me, and he owns a D200 (*drools*). I hear the photos he took of me turned out quite good – and it was unnerving being in front of the camera instead of behind it. I composed the polaroid shot and he took it.

I’ve had a bit more time to myself this weekend… a lot more than usual. I did some ‘me’ things for the first time since I’ve been here. (It’s been one month! After this week, I will be halfway done with my classes this quarter.) I trekked across the city. Ate lunch in the square. Ate dinner at DQ with Scott (he’s never been to DQ). Went to Target. I even contemplated not doing any homework today – I am ahead in all my classes. My drawing is turning out great – combining colored pencil and graphite. (I had no idea I’d be good at colored pencil.) I finished the longest chapter ever for Survey I (50 pages: Classical Greek & Hellenistic Periods) and I keep noticing columns and little leaf patterns in architecture. I even had a dream about reading the textbook. And in 2D we are just starting the neatest project ever with the subtractive process and “textural strata.” We are basically making a texture sandwich and the carving down into it. I’m so excited – gonna bind mine with a rubber band web (if she’ll let me).

But the first mark of my free time came this week when I had time to do my hair.

And also when my interview for Student Ambassadors fit neatly into my schedule – no stress. Everything is going smoothly. (The interview was fantastic, by the way.)

I had yummy turkey and soup from a cup. Most meat I’ve eaten since I’ve been here, I think. I miss vegetables. Being a college student has taught me that it’s pretty much okay to eat anything. Among those things: fish, squash, okra… it all works. I appreciate anything that fills my stomach and tastes decent. I am sooooo not picky anymore. And I really wasn’t picky before.

Well, I need to go take my necklace off and put on a t-shirt. I leave in ten minutes. Allison’s birthday was yesterday. I called her.

I miss you guys. Can’t wait to see you. Talk to me – write me a letter. Leave me a voicemail. Post a comment. Show your faces – I miss you.