Chocolate for Tastebuds, Texture for Eyeballs

Things are backwards here at college. My weekends are stressful and I look forward to going to class. Really. I’m nervous about our critique of our first project in Drawing II tomorrow… but the stress of finishing the drawing is over :) ! And on Tuesday I should get my first project back with a grade on it (really excited about that one – critique went very well).

But. Things.

1. I had my first college migraine yesterday. Took me half the day to realize it actually was a migraine, and when I finally did get back to the dorm to take a fancy pill for it – it took away the pain (an hour later) but replaced it with a heavily medicated altered state of consciousness. This cannot happen during the week. I will suffer with the pill or without it.

2. I can’t sleep.

3. I’m going to stop complaining. The weather is fantabulous, if it’s not the same where you are. It really is. I couldn’t help but be all smiley and bouncy on my walk back from church.

4. I still can’t believe I’m living in Savannah. I’m too busy to have my camera with me – and I would be too afraid of it getting stolen… just having it with me all the time. It’s different for me. But at the same time, I am enjoying just experiencing life with my hands and feet, and absorbing all those photographs into my eyes.

5. Today I saw a Middle Eastern couple with their young son sitting together on a park bench in a square on Abercorn. The father was feeding the pigeons from his hand, and the little boy squealed and laughed.

6. There is so much texture in Savannah. How do I explain what this does to me? … for all you not-quite-so-artistic people. Hmmm. If you love music – you hear notes everywhere. You piece them together like a big spiderweb – each one reminds you of a song you know, maybe one you wrote, one you’re working on – past, present, future. Whatever you love – just think of that. Whichever one of your senses goes haywire the easiest – with pleasure. Well, Savannah, in that sense is like one giant chocolate truffle that I can walk around in and eat from wherever I am. (What a Willy Wonka mental picture!) Every building is different – some are brick with faded logos stamped on the sides, some are covered in thick vines and intricate iron railings. Garden gates. Corner plates – est. 1933. Sunlight shifting through the Spanish moss – shadows playing tag with the broken pavement. Everything is dusted with visible history. It’s either decaying or looks like it used to be but got patched up. Shown a little love. This city – the people, the air, the sun, the breeze, the sounds, the junk on the ground scattered everywhere for me to find… I cannot get enough of it. Just a few minutes on a walk to church or after lunch – all I’ve been getting.

7. Practical things I have learned: tea is better from a cup than brewed from a coffee pot. Leaving the door open is like a giant window -> happiness. Chewing gum keeps you awake (but I already knew that one). Having friends with cars is extremely helpful. If you bring something to Savannah, prepare to have it stolen. Sleep is crucial. Everything deteriorates without it. (Especially brain function.)

8. Church, once again, was awesome. As I’ve told some of you, every pastor is somewhat doomed to failure since I have experienced JD, but they each do have something to offer. They do. And it is teaching me that I need a network of places to learn instead of just one or two.

Today I met a bunch of cool people. I think I’m pretty set with plans for a Life Group this Tuesday – so I’m really excited for that. I met the guy randomly this morning and he gave me the impression that he’s been doing this for a while. Also, I’m extremely excited for the homeless ministry I found out about. Met a guy named Mark who coordinates all the ministry stuff and he pointed me toward The Old Savannah City Mission, which Latechurch partners with and also a particular Life Group (with members a bit outside my age range) who do a lot of service there. Ahhh!

9. Jesus For President is turning out to be a fantastic book. I highly recommend it and The Irresistible Revolution by Shane Claiborne to anybody who loves Jesus, knows about Jesus, doesn’t really understand Christians – whatever. Read it. This is the real stuff – not the Splenda kind (also something I learned. Splenda is NOT sugar). Or, as my brother would say it, “this is the junk.”

10. Oh yeah. Ha. The important one. I love my college. But I am now in a pickle as far as majors / minors / course of study in general. I went to SCAD’s Majors Fair. I made friends with a few professors (one in particular who really really could have been a student if he wanted to) and asked them too many questions. But now it has come back to this question: what combination of graphic design, photography, and writing? I think I have narrowed the writing mainly down to the professional writing department, probably dabbling into creative writing and dramatic writing here and there. But. I have so many ideas! And each persuasion I heard from the professors made sense… and as soon as I walked out of the doors with my arms loaded up with paperwork, feeling pretty stuffed with information… I realized how much all those views conflicted. All I know is that I’m going to meet as many people as I can, ask a lot of questions, get involved, dabble wherever I have room for it … and it will work out. I’m so excited about all this. Specifically: fibers dept. = new fascination. I’m all over that experimental bookbinding class. And the possibility of meeting a 24-year-old writer/photographer who’s been extremely successful and has traveled the world and pretty much done exactly what I want to do – combining art with stories & people.

11. I’m 1/3 of the way through my peanut butter jar. We’re not even talking sandwiches. The stuff is good and I’ve been craving it. Eating lots of bananas (duh).

12. I have the hugest creative itch ever. And I cannot scratch it until certain books arrive in the mail.

Otay guys. Oh yeah – and here are some pictures of my roommate. This is what feet look like when you walk around Savannah. This is what your hands will look like when you take a Color Theory class. And this is what I look like at college. A few days ago. Send me letters! Talk to meeeeee. I love you peoples.