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Twigs For a Nest

Boy oh boy are you guys in for a treat. Rachel has a lot to say. Let’s organize it.

1. Classes

Surprise No. 1: I like Art History. Really really. I’ve only had two classes so far, but somehow I’m steadily getting sucked into it. I’m enjoying reading from my textbook. No, the labor of reading is not the greatest, but the material is so fascinating. This morning at church I could actually think something when I heard mention of the Babylonians – a thought surfaced in my mind! Normally there is nothing. Because prior to this class… for some reason I always (wrongly) assumed that cavemen and their art had to nothing to do with me.

Drawing II = blind contour drawings = courage required. Okay. Interactive exercise! Right now – grab a pencil, something to draw on, and an object (leaves are good – that’s what we draw). Now. Looking at your object, draw it. But don’t look at the paper. Just follow the contour of the object with your eyes and put the outline down on paper (no inside details or shading). Go ahead. Do it. Sounds terrifying, right? Might look terrifying too when you’re done (that’s okay). I had only heard about it; I was always too scared to try. But. I can do it. I enjoyed it. I never knew I could do this.

I am really enjoying my 2D Design class. Instead of the sterile white rooms and grey drawing desks at Wallin, I am treated to 2.5 hours each class in a sculpture workshop. It’s a split studio space with all kinds of professor talk and numerous distractions. But something about having a wall-sized window and grungy tables, artwork on the shelves and an open kiln… that is the kind of place I want to create in. (Right now we are creating designs with the silhouettes of everyday objects – my current favorites are the one I made with the hanger, the mirror, and the one with the thumbtack. I know that probably sounds confusing. It will be a labor-intensive project. But so far I am fully appreciating the glories of Photoshop – it has made the preliminary work for this project so much easier.)

2. Involvement

I’m getting myself plugged in down here. I’m super excited for Bookmaking Club on Wednesday night. Very very me. I am also in the process of applying to be a student ambassador here on campus. Student ambassadors represent the college when prospective students visit and things like that – I’ll gain public speaking skills, presentation skills, professionalism, leadership, networking, and it’ll look pretty awesome on a resume. This is 95% outside my comfort zone. But that is the point. And the third thing I am getting plugged into down here is church, which leads us to the next number.

3. Latechurch

I found it on the first try. Unbelievable, really. Given all the churches my family had to wade through each time we moved. Latechurch is a branch of Savannah Christian Church that is geared  toward my age group. Somehow I stumbled across it on the Interwebs before coming here. It. Was. Awesome. Their heart is where it needs to be, and I am so excited to join a Life Group and start serving it up in there. Mostly what I want is to find a homeless ministry (or sommat) within the church. That and a Life Group (there are at least five I can choose from in the area!).

This morning while worshiping, I had a thought. I don’t know if this is too personal for a blog – but I want to write it. I always end up crying when I feel God’s presence – when I am made aware of my size and when I can see how big His love is… how ugly my heart stays day to day, how unfaithful I am… it is my default response. It makes sense, I suppose. As a response to God. Humility. But there is a greater message – and it is within the Resurrection – in the power of Jesus. The story does not end with my failure. It is so much bigger than me, and I constantly forget that. The idea of our lives being a tapestry … that comforts me. It all has a purpose – every tiny event, every mistake, every disappointment, every loss, every screw up, every regret. They shape us. God whittles us – and I find myself needing Him more than any other, more than anything. I just find myself wondering when my sorrow can melt and transfer all its energy into joy – His joy. I’ve heard that this kind of continued response to God can be unhealthy – wallowing in your sin… we are forgetting the important part of the story! – the part that should make us dance, scream, rejoice! We are free in Christ. Free from the bondage of our sin to the freedom of serving Him. I feel it coming – for the first time in too long I am experiencing real change. I’m just so ready… so ready to love. Love like Jesus. Limitlessly. This is the Gospel: it is for all peoples. For the failures. For those who will never be good enough. This is home. The one you’ve always wanted but were never able to find.

*Pictures coming soon. Possibly added into this entry.