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Spring Updates

Hello! It’s been far too long, I know. Lucky for you, I have lots of updates. What has Rachel been up to?

1. Book Exhibition in Atlanta

My artist book, entitled Escape, was chosen to be exhibited as part of the 2011 Artist Book Symposium in the ACA Library at SCAD-Atlanta! Exciting stuff! I was able to attend amazing lectures by book artists Brian Dettmer and Carolee Campbell. Very inspiring. It was such a joy to see their works in person, hear their stories, and see my own work displayed so professionally in the glass cases. My work was one of 25 books chosen for this year’s showcase.

2. Other upcoming exhibitions

So many exhibitions this spring! I will soon have three pieces in the upcoming Diverge & Return show at the Halle Arts Center in NC. An artist book, a photograph, and a poster I designed will be in that show. Also, one of my photographs from France was selected for exhibition in SCAD’s annual Silver & Ink photography showcase! This one is titled Entry and it was taken in Paris. Framed & ready to be dropped off next week! I’m very honored to have been selected, and I’m excited to see both shows.

3. Informal Exhibitions

Another honor has been seeing my work up in SCAD’s graphic design building, Poetter Hall. The glass cases house some of the best work being made by our department, and I am so honored to have not one, but two pieces up currently! First piece is the Gill Sans double-sided poster (far right case, bottom two). And the second is the deck of Minion Pro Typographic Playing Cards I designed (center case, top left). Both from my Typography One class last quarter.