Oct 31, 2010 - College / Updates    No Comments

A Fabric Footprint?

Yesterday I learned how to sew on a machine! My dear friend Caitlin Betsy Bell taught me how to use the machine my mom mailed me from home this past week. I am so blessed to own an antique, working sewing machine that my family acquired for $5. And to have a friend like Caitlin who is excited to teach me how to use it!

This is a little envelope pouch I made! I am so in love with it. For those of you who know how I love to make gifts, you will understand that this new skill brings in a whole new language of expression for me – a whole new realm of materials that I can use to make anything I want! Not limited to hours and hours of zig-zag sewing by hand (and bleeding fingers). I feel like I can do anything now. Here’s a picture of me yesterday in my fall dress & tights, extremely happy after I got back from Caitlin’s. Definitely the highlight of my weekend. Can’t wait till winter break so I can make make make to my heart’s content!