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Aug 4, 2009 - Raw Thoughts    2 Comments

Goodnight, Moon

This photo reminds me of why I love live music. Since my junior year of high school, I have been to all sorts of venues. Places as tame as the farmer’s market at North Hills Mall (Saturdays) and as uncomfortable as The Brewery. All for music. For the people. The magic of atmosphere shaped by lyrics and lighting, clouds of conversation and isolation. Observations. I love the clutter of shows – jumbled up people experiencing live music. (Not frozen on an audio track. Interacting with the art of live human beings.) The small fragments of individuals you base your impressions on – a gesture, an expression…

Last week I went to the last show of my favorite local band, The Busy World. My stranger-turned-close-friend Mark is moving to Japan. This is the last photo I will take of him. From his last show.

A sad, strange thing to see the dissolution of a band – to see the end of something you feel life pulsing through. Connections. Heart strings. Paper lyrics belted out of not-big-enough lungs… My only hope is that Mark never stops making music.  Because music is Mark. Maybe the greatest musician I have ever befriended. Certainly a part of my life I will never forget.